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Halloween in PortAventura

Halloween arrives in PortAventura from September 24th till November 20th 2011.
Fear, screams, horror and lots of fun are waiting for you to celebrate Halloween in PortAventura!

This year 2 different Halloween celebrations will be held in the park. While at Far West and México you will find the “scary” area, plenty of ravens, skeletons and dreadful spider’s webs…
On the other hand at Mediterrània and SésamoAventura there is the funniest and kindest one, just ideal for families with little children. More than 12.000 pumpkins will decorate the park, beside huge sunflowers and corn to represent this original Celtic tradition.

The Halloween in PortAventura’ highlights will be as every year the decorations and special shows.

Performances and popular characters in the Streets

All the traditional PortAventura characters will receive you on a terror boat, as a special welcome for Halloween! Besides, on the park’ train, you will have the chance to interact with the vampires, zombies and all kind of monsters there celebrating the occasion…
The famous Woody, Winnie or Betty Boop will be disguised; and actors on high stilts stumbling around.

“Woody on Tour”, “Parada de los Monstruos” and “High School Monsters” among others are waiting for you!

All Shows for Halloween in PortAventura 2011

There will be many new shows, which are:

• “Mystery 2” – it is a gothic story, an incredible show of acrobatics, contortionism, terror and music. More than 33 acrobats and dancers will port aventura halloweenperform it at the Gran Teatro Imperial of China.
• “Bang Bang Halloween” – a group of soldiers and vampire novices will defend the blood bank of Penitences, the funniest stunt show of Halloween in PortAventura!
• “Love for Vampires” – a scary and beautiful love story.
• “Noche de Halloween” – or Halloween Night, awesome show full of light effects and fireworks, at the Gran Lago in Mediterrania, the Large Lake, with a skeleton as a main character trying to protect the lake from death.

Visitors will find also the classic ones, renovated:

• “La Selva del Miedo” – where more than 50 actors will be waiting for scaring you in the largest terror open air passage in Europe!
• “Horror in Penitence” – to live chilling situations at Penitence Jail.
• “La Muerte Viva” – The Alive Death, it’s a very enjoyable music hall in La Cantina Mariachi.
• “La Mina del Diablo” – a dreadful abandoned mine in Mexico.
• “La Casa de la Bruja” – The Witch’s House, a remake of Halloween in the BlackSmith labyrinth taking place at the Far West.
• “Baby Dance Halloween” – with Blas, Coco, Epi and Triki plus friends. Just ideal to have fun with kids in SesamoAventura area.

To book tickets + accommodation for Halloween in PortAventura

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