Family holidays: Family Destinations in Costa Brava & Costa Dorada

If you are planning holidays in Spain with your children, this information about the Family Holidays Destinations in Costa Brava and Costa Dorada is a “must”.
What is a Family holidays Destination?

The Family Holidays Destination (DTF) is a specialization brand created by Tourism de Cataluña, which awards especially sensitive destinations, orientated to welcome family tourism. With this brand, Tourism de Cataluña recognizes the municipalities or main tourist areas that offer quality resources and services especially for families.
This means that they have an offer of lodging and restaurants adapted to family needs, with a wide variety of options for leisure and entertainment proposals for children, grown up/teenagers and adults.

What does a Family Holidays Destination provide?

In a certified Family Holidays Destination, you will be sure to find special accommodation, restaurants, leisure and entertainment services.
You will discover, for example: 

  • There are kindergartens on the beaches, as well as staffed parks and kids' clubs on the promenades.
  • The Hotels have babysitters who speak foreign languages, along with entertainment programs for the little ones
  • The Restaurants have play areas and children's menus.
  • Signposting about potential dangers: pay special attention to safety regulations, both in public areas and in holiday accommodation.
  • Availability of special stuff such as high chairs and baby chairs, and easy-to-access information throughout the municipal area.
  • Qualified monitors who organize a wide variety of leisure and entertainment options.
  • Shows and festivals for children, theme parks, water parks, countryside areas for outings and plenty of outdoor activities, facilities for learning and practicing water sports...
  • Information: easy access to offices and daily programs with all the activities you can do with your family during your holidays in Costa Brava and Costa Dorada.

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What activities for the whole family have we got in a Family Holidays Destination?

Concerning the activities, just two words: Leisure and Fun for the whole family! In a Certified Family Holidays Destination, you will be sure that the whole family’s expectations will be satisfied from babies to grown up in order to create great family holiday memories:
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Beach/ Mountain
  • Natural parks to discover nature
  • Theme parks with attractions
  • Excursions and visits
  • Museums, culture and events
  • Tradition: popular parties and typical festivals
  • Shopping and gastronomy
  • Wellness (Spa)
  • Sports
  • Early Discotheques (for teenagers)
  • Rest and Tranquility for the family

How to travel with children?

Simple advice that might be useful to make your trip easier and more enjoyable for the whole family:
  • Always carry enough food and water, even though the trip is expected to be short, because you might meet unexpected trouble/event on the road.
  • Have DVDs and Music in the car to entertain the youngest, and also songs to sing altogether.
  • Carry games: such as cards, chess, ludo, etc.
  • Wear suitable shoes and clothing for travelling by car, train or bus: wear flip flops in the summer, cap and towels on the seats; in the winter carry a blanket and an extra jersey out of the luggage compartment, as the air conditioning or the heating could fail.
  • Keep baby's kit and the food bag at hand.
    Sun protection: Children's skin is particularly sensitive so it is always better to use high sun protection cream. Apply the photo-protector for dry skin 30 minutes before sun exposure, and even when it is cloudy the sun enter through the windows. Protect heads with a hat or cap, eyes with sunglasses and lips with a sun protection stick. In the summer avoid direct exposure to the sun between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m, and drink constantly.

Discover Costa Brava & Costa Dorada, just enjoy your family holidays!