Nightlife in Barcelona

Eating and going out in Barcelona


If you are looking for general information about what to do after the sun goes down, how to find a good restaurant in Barcelona, how to order in cafés and bars or if you're looking for tips to enter a nightclub free of charge, click here and read further!


Potatos and beer

Barcelona is a metropolitan city of close to 2 million people and there are quite a number of happening places to have a drink and have fun. Whether you prefer an Irish pub, a terrace on a small square, or a 3.50€ Mojito in a typical Spanish bar, you will for sure find your heart's desire with the selection we made for you here.


Barcelona discoteque

Barcelona is THE city to be thanks to its different options to party! From disco to electro-music nightclubs, enjoy the city and meet various people. You can also listen to famous DJs in some clubs we listed for you if you are lucky… click here to see more.



It's dinner time! Before going out to bars for a late drink of to nightclubs for a long night, you should definitely enter one of the numerous restaurants of Barcelona. Discover our selection of restaurants, from typical tapas to paëlla places or simple mediterranean or ethnic food. Suits all budget! Click here to see more.