Eating and Going out in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its vibrant and exciting going out activity!

Spaniards lives “out” as much as possible and go home only to rest if necessary; from the long summer chats in chiringuitos and terraces under the sun, the after-work beer in a bar with friends, dining in a nice restaurant, clubbing with colleagues, the big family lunch or the chill out coffee on Sunday afternoon.

It’s obvious that Spanish people loves good food, drinking and enjoying the pleasures of live!
Let us introduce you into the Barcelonan living style!


First of all you need to learn the basic phrases you might need Hola Hello

Hola Hello
¡Buenos días! Good Morning
¡Buenas tardes! Good Evening
!Buenas Noches! Good Night
Adiós Bye
Por favor Please
No No
La carta, por favor The menu, please
Quisiera... I would like to have...
 La cuenta, por favor The bill,please
 ¿Tiene….? Do you have...?

In Barcelona are many places to have fun or relax after a nice dinner:
cafés, designer bars, smoky pubs, jazz saloons, cocktail bars, ultramodern discos and many more.

You can find on nice restaurants and bars and also a lot of things to do in Barcelona.



Spanish sweets

If you would like to drink a coffee you won´t find a typical coffee shop in Barcelona because the people here have coffee and tea in Bars.
But be careful if you order a coffee! You might get just an Espresso.

There are also the wonderful Granjas and Xocolaterias which are specialized in different kind of chocolate drinks and pastries. For instance they offer the famous churros with chocolate which tastes like a delicious sin.

Take a look at the coffee vocabulary before ordering a coffee

Un Café / Café solo espresso
Un cortado coffee with a dash of milk
Café con leche white coffee (with milk)
Café Americano black coffee
Café Descafeinado decaffeinated coffee
De Sobre Instant Coffee
Carajillo Espresso with liquor (either cognac, whisky or baileys)
De Máquina from machine
Infusión de Manzanilla/ Poleo Menta Chamomile/ Pennyroyal Mint Tea
Chocolate Caliente Hot chocolate drink (thicker than in other countries)
 Chocolate Suizo  Hot chocolate drink with Cream
 Zumo Juice




Spanish food

In general Spaniards eat late or later than most of the countries in the world. In this case don’t be afraid if you want to have lunch at 12:00 pm but restaurants are still closed!
But the restaurants in tourist places open earlier to satisfy the hungry tourists.

Opening Times
For lunch 1 pm - 3/4 pm
For dinner 8.30/9 pm - 11 pm

Many restaurants offer a midday menu which includes a Starter+ Main Course + Dessert + Drink.
Prices of these menus depends on the restaurant/bar but it´s around 10 €.

There are 2 options of dining in Spain:


Going to a traditional restaurant and have 2 or 3 courses
Go for some Tapas. This is really popular and consist seating around a table with a drink and order plenty of different Tapas (small portions).


Here you can see our Spanish Food guide and recommendations!

Restaurant Voucabolary
Entrantes Starters
Plato Principal Main Course
Postres Dessert
Zona de Fumadores Smoking Area
Zona de No-Fumadores No-Smoking Area



Nightlife bar

Barcelona offers many possibilities to bridge the time gap before the clubs open.
Have you ever heard of Bar-Hopping? Spanish people also say ‘Ir de copas’ (to go for some glasses).
You go from one bar to another and stay for a drink or two.

Many music bars can be found one after another in Barcelona’s Old Town. For instance at Plaça Reial and in the districts Barrio Gòtico, el Born, Gracia or El Raval.
The bars are more scattered in Barcelona’s quarter ‘Eixample’, unless you go out in the gay zone ‘Gayxample’ between Plaça Universitat and Carrer d’Aragó.

Take a look where to spend the night in some stylish bars.

Bar vocabulary
Una cerveza beer (Can be a bottle or draft)
Una caña draft beer
Una clara beer with limonade
Una Copa de Vino (blanco/tinto/rosado) glass of wine (White/Red/Rosé)
Una Botella de Vino bottle of wine
Agua Fría/Natural Mineral water cold/natural
Agua con Gas Sparkling water




The nightlife in Barcelona starts very late and ends in the morning. Endurance is required! You should not start your clubbing before two or three o’clock unless you want to have fun in an empty club. Many locations offer a free entrance until 2 o’clock.
The weekdays Thursday to Saturday are the main weekdays to go clubbing.

Do you like to dance until the morning? Then check out our recommended Clubs in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s Nightlife: Need-to-Knows


Bouncers are present at all scene clubs and decide who can enter. Many stylish locations do not open their doors for people wearing sneakers or washed-out jeans. Make sure, that you are dressed appropriately for the kind of club you want to enter!


Entrance Ticket

The entrance fees depend on time, weekday, live music and sometimes even on the impression you leave to the bouncer. Your entrance ticket contains a free drink when it says ‘consumición’.


Guest list

If you are signed on a guest list you can enter the club for free.

You only need to sign up for the desired club on one of this websites.


Fiestas Barcelona
Zonas Deluxe

Another way of having a free entrance is with Flyers, the promoters of the clubs distribute flyers on the street.

Guía del Ocio &Time Out Magazines

Time Out Barcelona

You can get more information about Barcelona’s nightlife from the weekly published guides Guía del Ocio and Time Out, which includes hundreds of addresses, opening hours, cinema, theatre, and concert programs. Every kiosk in Barcelona has them.

Enjoy Barcelona’s exciting nightlife until the sun rises and fall sleep in one of our comfortable apartments in Barcelona and hotels in Barcelona.