The Catalan Gastronomy

catalan gastronomyCatalonia inhabitants enjoy the "sobremesa" that lasts for hours, enjoying the conversation surrounded by delicious meals and good wine. Food time is really important for spaniards and that can be seen by the number of restaurants and bars you can find at every step.

If you're not hungry enough for a 3 course meal, try the spanish way of "Ir de tapas"(Going tapas), the world-popular spanish way of snacking-dinning. The thing to do is to order a cold beer or sangria and some tapas to share! Each bar has it's own specialty, so do as spaniards and don't hesitate to ask the waiter for advice!

Tapas y Bocadillos Tapas and Sandwiches 
Bombas Fried spicy potato ball 
Tortilla de Patatas/ Tortilla Española Omelet made with potatoes, egg and onion
Patatas Bravas   Fried potatoes with soft spicy sauce
Chipirones Battered and fried tiny squid
Calamares a la romana Fried Calamari Rings
Anchoas Anchovies
Gambas al ajillo Salted prawns with Garlic & Persil
Chocos  Fried Calamar sticks
Choricitos Little fried chorizo sausages
Olives rellenas Olives filled with anchovies
Mejillones al vapor Mussels steam cooked
Mejillones en conserva Canned mussels "en escabeche"
Berberechos Cockles
Boquerones White anchovies served in vinegar(boquerones en vinagre) or fried
Ensaladilla rusa Boiled vegetables with tuna, olives and mayonnaise
Pimientos rellenos Small red filled peppers 
Pincho Prok meat pieces in a stick
Pincho Moruno Spicy pork meat pieces in a stick
Pulpo a la gallega Boiled Octopus pieces seasoned with olive oil and red pepper
Jamon Spanish salty ham
Bikini Hot sandwich of ham and fondant cheese
Bocadillo Lomo & Queso Hot sandwich of pork tenderloin slices and cheese
Bocadillo de Bacon & Queso Hot sandwich of bacon slices and cheese

arros negre - black riceHere below we've prepared a list with the most traditional dishes that you may find in any "typical" restaurant all over Catalonia, and a little description so you know what are you going to eat!

Entrantes Starters
Fideua Fideuà is from Valencia
Paella Rice with vegetables and/or meat and seafood
Arros a la Cubana White rice with tomato sauce and fried egg
Arros Negre  Black rice made with squid ink
Pan con tomate Grilled bread grated with tomato and olive oil
Entremés Catalan salade
Canalons Cannelloni made with pork meat gratined with bechamel. They've also the spinach version
Escudella Catalan stew with pasta + served in another plate the vegetables and meat
Brandada de Bacallá Smashed non-salty cod and potato
Escalivada Baked red and green peppers, eggplant, onion and zucchini with olive oil
Esqueixada Desalted and teared cod with tomato
Xató Escarole salad with desalted cod, romesco sauce, onion and olives
Faves a la catalana Broad beans with pork and black pudding

Continuing with the main dishes, all of them are delicious and worth to try, but some people may be surprised of spanish eating snails, pork feet or black rice made with squid ink but if you try them you won't be disappointed!catalan cargols snails
Plato Principal Main Dishes
Butifarra Sausage (bangers) that can be white or black
Salsitxa Sausage with black pepper
Galtes al Forn Roasted with potatoes pigs cheeks
Guatlles/Codornices Quails usually made grilled or stuffed
Peus de porc Pork feet are usually done grilled or stuffed
Cargols Snails are eaten stuffed, with salt, with alioli...
Calçots  Barbecued spring onions served with Romesco
Bolets Mushrooms: their favorite is the Rovelló
Parrillada de Carne/Pescado  Feast of different kinds of grilled fish/meat
Sarsuela Different kind of fish cooked in a saffron stock
Mariscada Seafood feast
Suquet Soup made with good fish and potatoes
Mar y Muntanya Chicken cooked with fresh crayfish in sauce
Bacallá amb samfaina Desalted cod in samfaina sauce
Rap amb allioli Monkfish gratined in alioli sauce
Mongetes seques amb Cansalada White beans sautéed with thick bacon

Catalonia doesn't have a big tradition of sweets, cakes and pastries as other european countries. That's why it's really common to order fresh fruit after a meal, but there are some typical sweet desserts that you should try!

Postres Desserts
Crema catalana The original version of "creme brulee"
Pomes al forn Baked apples with cinnamon and caramel
Flam (flan) Egg custard with caramel
Mel i Mato Curd cheese (mató) with honey (mel)
Music    Mixed nuts and dried fruits served with a glass of Moscatell (sweet wine)

Salsas Sauces
Allioli Made with garlic pounded in the mortar with oil being added little by little
Samfaina Vegetable medley that should include tomatoes and aubergines
Romesco Sauce made of crushed hazelnuts/almonds and ñora (dry pepper)

Extra Vocabulary
Zona de Fumadores Smoking Area
Zona de No-Fumadores Non-Smoking Area