Gay Friendly Barcelona

Barcelona - a gay friendly city

Barcelona offers many beautiful masterpieces, friendly people, trendy shops and incredible architectures. That’s why Barcelona has managed to be one of the most famous places in Europe for the gay community.
This city offers many things to the gay community in the daily life (shops, bars, clubs, etc.) as well as in the legal aspects. 
The government of Cataluña became a member of the ILGA, and the government establishes protections for gay rights and those protections are part of the law.

In Barcelona, you’ll find a lot of bars, restaurants, clubs and even gay beaches.

Eixample called Gayxample

The Eixample neighborhood is also known by Barcelona citizens as the Gayxample, the heart of the gay scene. It is well known between the gay community and it offers a wide range of shops, health centers, bars, and clubs which are gay friendly. You’ll see rainbow flags everywhere.
The shopping fans will be satisfied by the variety shops of the best brands: American Men, EMale, Cool, DGM, Von Dutch, Gola, De Puta Madre, etc.

gay friendly barcelona


Geniet van de beste stranden van Barcelona!
Naast de traditionele stranden in Barcelona zijn er ook stranden voor homo's:

Mar Bella Beach

Dit strand is zeer populair in de homogemeenschap en vooral druk bezocht op Zaterdagen en Zondagen.
Er is een gezellige gay-strandbar genaamd ›El Chiringuito de la Mar Bella‹ („Chiringay“) met Live DJs en chillout muziek op Zondagen van 17:00 tot 23:00 uur.


San Sebastian Strand:

Dit is een inofficiëel naturistenstrand waar vooral veel homo's komen. Het is een zeer bekend strand en er zijn verschillende strandbarretjes.

Metro: Barceloneta

In Barcelona, there are not many “Gay” restaurants, but don’t worry because the majority of restaurants are friendly and open minded so you will feel comfortable to enjoy the good Spanish dishes in complete tranquility. Instead of the few gay restaurants Barcelona offers a wide range of gay bars and clubs where you will be able to have the best time.
Take a look on the map to see the gay restaurants, bars (purple pins) and clubs (yellow pins) with information in Barcelona.
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It has been a surprise in Barcelona to have the first Hotel specific for the gay public: The Hotel Axel. It is situated in the middle of the Gayxample, decorated and furnished with an excellent taste, it has a nice bar and restaurant where its guests will feel completely free and like at home.

Take a look on the map to see the gay hotels with information in Barcelona.
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Gay-Events in Barcelona

Gay Events in Sitges

Sitges is one of the most beautiful cities of the Spanish coast near Barcelona (35km).
This little paradise owes its beauty to the various artists (painters, writers and other artists) who came to embellish it in the ninety century.
Due of that the gay community is attracted by this city an 25 years ago, Sitges created the first gay nightclub in Europe.
The gay people have the right to express themselves without any misjudgment.

A very nice spot that combines sun, beaches, restaurants, bars and clubs welcoming gays.
You can move from one place to another in 5 minutes because it is a small town with many small typical lanes.
In Sitges, there are a lot of events and fiestas that animate the city and that make this village very popular and attractive.

Events: gay events sitges
  • Gay Carnival of Sitges in February
  • Corpus Christi Flower Festival Sitges in May
  • Sitges Gay Pride in July
  • International Film Festival Sitges beginning of October