Flamenco in Barcelona

Are you looking for the roots of the passionate Flamenco?
Barcelona offers many places where you can enjoy Flamenco shows or even learn it if you want to learn the passion of this singing and dancing art.


Flamenco Background

Flamenco dancers

Flamenco was born in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, it was the singing and dancing of the andalusian gypsies which gave name to this powerfull music.

The main purpose of the dance was the maintenance of identity and it was only danced within the family circle. Therefore, Flamenco is a spontaneous and credible demonstration of feelings, family stories, and personal destiny. 

Flamenco is a mixture of four elements: the singing (el cante), the handclapping (las palmas), the dance (el baile) and the guitar (el toque). Cajónes (wooden box drums) and castanets (castañuelas) often accompany the Flamenco music.

El cante is very hard to understand because of its Arabic influences. Flamenco singers use a technique of setting several notes to a single syllable of text. The texts have a long tradition and are seldom adapted to the present. All aspects of life are covered in Flamenco songs including themes as the loss or the all-time love, sorrow and injustice.


Flamenco Shows in Barcelona

The Flamenco is not the Flamenco if nobody is dancing. Experience el baile with all its facets and enjoy the traditional zapateado, where Flamenco dancers stomp their wooden heels on the ground to the rhythm of the music. Waving, markings, turns, calls and brushes are just some of the Flamenco’s elements, which underline the performer’s personality. Get to know the beauty and the charm of this marvelous dance in one of Barcelona’s famous Flamenco shows.  


Flamenco singer

El Tablao de Carmen

Address: Avda. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13

Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc - 08038 - Barcelona

Tel : 933 256 895

Metro: Espanya

Web: http://www.tablaodecarmen.com/


Opera y Flamenco show

Address: La Rambla 130

Tel: 933 010 660

Metro: CatalunyaWeb: http://www.operaflamenco.com/


Palacio del Flamenco

Address: Carrer de Balmes 139

Tel: 932 187 237

Metro: Diagonal

Web: http://www.palaciodelflamenco.com/

Flamenco Courses in Barcelona

Interested in learning how to sing or dance Flamenco?

Many dance and music schools are close to our Barcelona apartmentsand hotels. They offer courses either in singing, dancing or playing Flamenco instruments. Get introduced in the world of the flamenco and perform yourself. Express the rhythm, emotion, and intensity of Flamenco and experience its dynamic. Flamenco courses will convey you the intensive attitude of life. You will learn the complex technique and get an insight into the rhythmic variety.

Places where you can learn Flamenco:

Flora Albaicin

Adress: C/ Vallirana 71-73

Tel.: 934 182 309

Metro: Lesseps

Web: http://www.flora-albaicin.com/


Flamenco Fiestas in Barcelona

Adress: Consell de Cent 304

Tel.: 934 870 004

Metro: Passeig de Gracia

Web: http://www.flamencoinbarcelona.com/


IÑAKI MARQUEZ Escuela de baile

Adress: calle Fluvia 192 con Gran via zona Bac de Roda

Tel.: 670978606 or 670978596

Metro: Bac de Roda

Escuela de Baile Flamenco LA TANI

Adress: c/ Alella, 27

Tel: 933496054 or 933080594

Metro: Fondo