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Why register your property with us?

Perfect Sun Travel S.L. is an industry leader in tourism on-line with over ten years of combined experiences in the field of travel and real estate.  Our company has dedicated itself to online travel accommodation focusing on holiday rentals and hotels all over Europe.
Our international team focuses on all the European and world wide markets to maximize your property’s exposure and occupancy.


  •     No Fees, this is a free service to property owners
  •     No exclusive contracts
  •     We will attend clients in their language: English, German, Italian and French, as well as Spanish and Catalan. 
  •     Rent your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year 
  •     Professional, VeriSign Secure and fully managed  Reservation System
  •     Complete control of your listing with our advanced property management system
  •     You decide when to rent your property
  •     Keep track of reservations easily
  •     Access to over 1 million visitors a year across our entire network

Our Service

We spend thousands of Euros a year on advertising and marketing so you don’t have to. We have invested time and money in making an easy and secure reservation system to protect both the client and the property owner.

Why rent on a short term basis?

By renting for days, weeks, months or up to 365 days to visitors and professionals you will earn more than by renting for longer periods. This does mean that you will have to maintain your property at a higher standard but you will never lose the rights to occupy it whenever you want.

It  you would like more information before registering please contact us.

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