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Our Client Testimonials about Barcelonapoint Accommodation Services

We are committed to highest standard of online business and customer care. Our apartments are selected carefully, our information is as acurate as possible, our response is quick and timely. We do our best to satisfy our clients. Everyone who stays in one of our apartments or hotels is given the chance to review not only the accommodation but also our service. Below you will find what our customers have been saying about our website and apartment rental service.

 Testimonials ( 4,85 of 5 ) 1649 Rating.

5 Abigail H. United Kingdom

5 Nights in March
Reviewed: 21-03-2011

Very prompt in answering questions and extremely helpful.  

5 Antje H. Germany

6 Nights in March
Reviewed: 19-03-2011

Umfangreiche, schnelle Infos; sämtliche Kontakte, Telefonnummern, Tips haben alle gut funktioniert.  

5 Butink H. Netherlands

7 Nights in March
Reviewed: 19-03-2011


5 Sven K. Germany

5 Nights in March
Reviewed: 17-03-2011

Kommunikation vor und nach der Reise gut.  

5 Yves C. France

5 Nights in March
Reviewed: 17-03-2011

Je suis très satisfaits de mes contacts par email avec BarcelonaPoint.com : réactivité, précision et courtoisie des échanges. J'ajoute que ceux-ci ont pu se faire en français (Mlle Yousra Maraoub). Merci!  

5 Sandrine M. France

3 Nights in March
Reviewed: 16-03-2011

pratique, simple et efficace!première utilisation très satisfaite, à refaire sans problème!offre coorespond à la réalité.  

5 Emanuele S. Italy

5 Nights in March
Reviewed: 14-03-2011

Soggiorno sereno e rilassante. L'appartametno ha pienamente soddisfatto le nostre aspettative. Eravamo in 6 e ci siamo stati comodi (ovvio, per pochi giorni).  

5 Vincent R. France

4 Nights in February
Reviewed: 01-03-2011

Site très facile d'utilisation. L'accès aux commentaires est très utile.  

5 Boyan G. Bulgaria

5 Nights in February
Reviewed: 22-02-2011


5 Robert F. France

4 Nights in February
Reviewed: 21-02-2011

All the people I have been in contact with have been very helpful to make our stay easy and comfortable, I recommend their services to those seeking a place to  

5 Stefano P. Italy

4 Nights in February
Reviewed: 21-02-2011

Seria, precisa, puntuale e di dettaglio. Da suggerire.  

5 Darren G. Australia

7 Nights in January
Reviewed: 11-02-2011

Barcelona Point is a great way to search for your accommodation in Barcelona.  

5 Marilena A. Italy

4 Nights in January
Reviewed: 30-01-2011

semplicemente efficienti professionali e molto cortesi. grazie!  

5 Elena S. Italy

8 Nights in December
Reviewed: 14-01-2011

Perfetto.Precisi e puntuali.  

5 ALICE N. Italy

5 Nights in December
Reviewed: 13-01-2011

ci siamo trovati benissimo!!!!! appartamento bello e accoglienza perfetta...grazie!