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Apartment and Hotel SMS Booking Confirmation

As part of our commitment to provide the best online booking service, we are pleased to announce our service of SMS Confirmation for all the Apartment and Hotel bookings.You will receive the confirmation by Sms to your mobile phone with all the basic information you need for your arrival! That way you will know immediately that your booking is confirmed having all necessary information available.This service is FREE of charge. 
How does it work

After selecting your apartment and clicked on the BOOK NOW button you will arrive at the reservation booking page.
Fill in the form with your personal information and when you get the field of SMS mobile number enter the mobile where you would like to receive the SMS. It is really easy!

Just remember to put the correct format: Country Code (without Zeros) + Your mobile number.

You must not put any points, comas, or other symbols and neither the leading zeros like 0044.
Example: 44123456789 for a UK Telephone, or 3361000000 for France.

We hope that you find this service usefull and thank you for chosing Barcelona Point!Sincerely,

BarcelonaPoint Team.