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Barcelona Classic Half Day Tour


This is a half day tour of Barcelona in which you will visit the following sights: Plaza Catalunya, Via Layentana, the Cathedral and its clauster, Gothic area, Plaza Sant Jaume. Then the tour travels towards the Olympic Port. Afterwards the tour travels to Mountjuic to get a panoramic view of the city and the Port. There you will visit the Olympic Stadium, the Palace of Saint George and the Tower of Calatrava. The tour will visit the "Pueblo Español" (Spanish Village) where your will see replications of the most typical regions of Spain. Here you will get the chance to taste Cava (champaign) Catalan. On the way back there is a stop at the Hard Rock Cafe.
prices starting from: 36.5 euros


Country: Spain
Province: Cataluña
City: Barcelona
Meeting Point: Ronda Universidad 5
Duration: Aprox. 3 hours 30 mins
Hora de inicio o apertura: 09:30 h
Hora final o cierre: 13:00 h

Meeting Point

Where is there parking? Is it in the street, public or private? Public parking in Plaza Catalunya
How do I arrive by car? Ronda Universidad. Between the streets Balmes and Pl. Universitat
Can I arrive by public transport? Yes
List of public transport and their stops: Metro: Lines 1 and 3 (Stop: Pl. Catalunya); Autobus nº 41
Distance to the public tranport point: About 200 meters 

Guides and Tour personnel 

Is there a guide, driver o monitor? With guide
What languages to the guides speak? Spanish, English, French and Italian

Food and Drink

Is there lunch / dinner? No
Is there a restaurant a the destination(s)? No
Can I bring food? Can I make a picnic? No
Are there any drinks included?
Is there a place to buy drinks? No 


List of places with restrooms: Picasso Museum
Which are wheelchair accessable? No
Is there any charge for the use? No
Will there be periodic restroom breaks? No

Physical Conditions 

Are there any problems for individuales with limited mobility? (in the transport, int the restaurant,...)  No there is no problem but moving around in the transport is difficult
Is this tour availble for people in wheelchairs? No
What type of services will there be? (gravel,  uneven...)   All types


Are there any restriction on camera use or extra camera use costs: None except in the museo Picasso
Are there extra costs?  No
What money is accepted? Euros
What is the minimum / maxium age to participate? (for all or each one of the activities) There is no age limit
What is the minimum / maxium height to participate? There is no limit
What is the minimum / maxium weight limit to participate? There is no limit
Is it necessary to sign a disclosure form? No